Borrow wisely


Look inside

Comparing loan options for big-ticket items
Consider the pros and cons of popular loan products to help take the guesswork out of borrowing money.
Brainless borrowing tactics
Some loans are bad by design. But other loans can turn into bad deals if consumers follow these strategies.
How to be a savvy credit cardholder
Credit card issuers have been calling the shots for years. Follow these rules to beat them at their own game.
10 do’s and don’ts for borrowing money
Following these simple rules will help you get the cash you need now without mortgaging your financial future.
Borrowing from family, friends
Borrowing money from people you know or complete strangers can be better than dealing with institutions.
Consumers share lending tales
In the process of sharing their unfortunate experiences with loan transactions, consumers impart pearls of wisdom.

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