SoFi challenges FICO scores

25“Neither a borrower nor a lender be,” Shakespeare wrote. “For loan oft loses both itself and friend.”If you have loaned money to a friend or family member, you likely understand the sentiment.In a recent Paypal study of 4,000 people, the average respondent was owed $450 by friends and family members, for a total of $51 billion. And at least one-third of respondents said their relationships had suffered because of the nonpayment.When you loan money to friends or family members, ensuring repayment can be difficult. Lenders often feel awkward asking their friends or relatives to pay up, and borrowers may be embarrassed for their slow repayment of personal loans.If you’re on the borrowing end of a personal loan, you’ll find the best rates at a result, both parties might clam up and avoid each other, often leading to strained or explosive relationships. If you want a friend or family member to pay you back, but you want to preserve the relationship, consider these 4 tips.

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