5 ways to earn money with your car


Use your car to earn cash

If you are looking to make some extra cash, there are lots of ways to use your car as an income source — with or without you behind the wheel.

Here are five ways to make money with your car with relatively little risk. Each of the companies mentioned here protects you with insurance and other measures to keep your car — and you — safe.

Rent your car out from the airport

Drive to the airport for a trip and park your car in a lot owned by FlightCar. You get free parking and a free car wash.

If your car is rented out, you get paid per mile driven based on your car’s year, make and model. The service is currently available in Austin, Texas; Boston; Dallas; Los Angeles; Oakland, California; Philadelphia; Portland, Oregon; San Diego; San Francisco; San Jose, California; Seattle and Washington, D.C.

Wrap your car with advertising

If you don’t mind your car being a moving billboard, then sign up with MyFreeCar.com, which will “wrap” your car with advertising. You’ll get paid while you are doing your regular driving. The amount you earn depends on your daily commute and the size of your car (which directly translates to the amount of advertising space).

Turn your car into an independent taxi

Maybe you’ve felt like a personal chauffeur after years of shuttling the kids around. With companies such as Uber, Lyft and Sidecar, you can get paid for it. These services allow you to set your own schedule for offering rides. If you are able to find riders for your regular routes, however, that is extra money for driving somewhere you are already going.

Transport large objects for others

If you own a pickup truck or SUV, then put it to work by transporting large items that don’t fit in other people’s cars. You can do this if you’re registered with a service like Uber, but a better option is a company like Task Rabbit, which allows people to hire you for specific tasks. You’ll get paid for your “manpower” as well as the actual transportation.

Rent out your car while you’re at work

If driving people around or getting hired to transport people’s items sounds too complicated, you can put your car to work while you are doing something else. Register with a company like RelayRides and customers will rent your car, picking it up from a location you designate (including your home or your office) and return it to you.

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