Aflac Life Insurance Review 2020


Life insurance is really important to consider when it comes to ensuring that those you leave behind are able to financially survive without you. Life insurance makes sure that they have a financial cushion to land on. It is affordable as well as necessary, particularly if you have dependents that rely on your income. Aflac is one of the kings of life insurance companies and with good reason – it is the company’s main focus. But is Aflac insurance worth it?Home mortgage
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364925BF-22D7-405E-BBD3-A35489D76575 Created with sketchtool. <1,0001,000-2,4992,500-4,9995,000+ Find matches QUICK FACTS 47D79854-EFBD-4BA8-9B92-D5A7629F8F80 $382/year average savings through Bankrate Two-thirds fraction 2 out of 3 homes are uninsured Home insurance contract 1 out of every 20 insured homes makes a claim each year Circle with checkmark 100% of homes need insurance before getting a mortgage Aflac life insuranceAflac offers both individual and workplace policies. The benefits offered do vary. However, what makes Aflac life insurance worth it is how flexible it is. Not only can individuals call up an agent or jump onto Aflac’s site to have a reasonable quote delivered nearly instantly, but workplace policies are quite thorough as well.Aflac’s life insurance offers coverage of up to $250,000 for applicants between 18 and 70 years old. Until the policyholder is 65 years old, it may be possible to change the policy to permanent life insurance. The company terms allow for the accruement of cash value which means a policyholder can borrow against that cash value to pay for medical bills or other expenses.Aflac’s term lengths are: 10-year term for applicants 18 to 70 years old 20-year term for applicants 18 to 60 years old 30-year term for applicants 18 to 50 years old Aflac’s term and entire life insurance policies offer: Nearly immediate payouts of the first $5,000 of a claim. The quick payout helps loved ones cover immediate expenses after death. Accelerated death benefits in the event of a terminal illness. It allows the policyholder to receive as much as half of the payout in advance. Depending on your age, location and general health, Aflac’s policy terms may allow for certain life insurance riders. The potential riders available include: $15,000 in coverage for each insured dependent under 25 years old. Waiver of premium rider to allow you to stop paying premiums in the event you become completely medically disabled. 10-year term insurance rider for life policies. This rider gives you more coverage during a set period of time. Through workplaces policies, Aflac’s whole life and term insurance policies offer: $500,000 of coverage to employees under 50 years old. $250,000 is available to employees between the ages of 51 and 70 years old. Workplace policies also include accelerated death benefits and quick payments immediately after death. For some workplaces, Aflac may offer guaranteed issue life insurance. Guaranteed life insurance precludes the need for a medical exam or answering invasive medical questions. Aflac is certainly worth it in the sense that you can usually take the policy coverage with you if you leave the workplace through which it is offered.Types of coverageAflac’s personal coverage includes: Dental Cancer Critical illness Accident Aflac’s coverage through workplaces include: Dental Vision Accident Cancer Short-term disability Critical illness Hospital indemnity DiscountsDiscounts for Aflac may be available depending on if you are in school, in the Armed Forces or work as a civil servant. While no information is readily clear about Aflac’s discount policies, reviews by customers point to the possibility of discounts. It is best to contact an Aflac representative to find out if your particular case qualifies. Aflac ratings, reviews, customer satisfaction and complaintsAflac does not have a rating with J.D. Power but has earned an A+ with AM Best and the Better Business Bureau. However, there are currently 175 customer complaints that have been filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 12 months. Those complaints have been closed. Also, an average of 113 customer reviews gives Aflac a 1.12/5 rating. J.D. Power N/A AM Best A+ Better Business Bureau A+ Reasons why Aflac is a great optionAflac is one of America’s leading supplemental insurance policy providers. The terms are easy to understand and tailor to each person’s needs and budgets. Aflac also offers cafeteria plans, which is a way to create a Flexible Savings Account (FSA) in order to protect you from surprising medical costs.The disadvantage of Aflac is found in its customer reviews. Many people find that while Aflac is agreeable at first, they become harder to work with over time. Most third-party nonprofit insurance review sites cite overwhelmingly dismal reviews. However, Aflac is a good option for anyone who needs to know their loved ones will have resources later on – the premiums are reasonable and the coverage is pretty extensive. Additional policies offered by AflacSome additional policies offered by Aflac include accident, cancer, critical illness, dental, hospital, vision and short-term disability. These additional policies will help you pay for emergency treatment, cope financially and emotionally with the effects of cancer, the cost of treating critical illnesses, dental health costs, high deductibles for hospital stays, vision care and financial distress from short-term disability.Frequently asked questionsWhat is the best life insurance company?The best life insurance companies are always changing and depend on the type of policy you’re looking for as well as other factors. Check the article link for the current top five insurance companies. When’s the best time to get life insurance?The best time to get life insurance is as soon as possible. The rates will get more expensive the older you get. Purchase your life insurance plan early in life for the best rates. How much does life insurance cost?The cost of life insurance depends on your age, sex, health and the type of life insurance policy you choose. It can also vary from carrier to carrier.

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