Investing Basics


1. Building liquid savings

Develop a savings plan

How interest rates are determined

Savings accounts

Money market accounts

Money market funds

Are liquid CDs your cup of tea?

2. Certificates of deposit

Lock up your money; get higher interest

What type of CD is best?

Certificate of deposit investing strategies

Compare CDs with other investment options

Bank CDs versus brokered CDs

Foreign-currency CDs: tempting and risky

Zero-coupon CDs risky in the short term

3. Investing in bonds

U. S. Treasury securities

The I-bond

Series EE Patriot Bond

TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities)

Corporate bonds

4. Fixed-income investing

Permanent insurance: Whole, universal, variable


Bank loan funds

5. Savings with tax breaks


Education-savings plans

Penalty-free IRA withdrawals


6. Banking institutions

Types of banking institutions

Who to complain to, and how

How the FDIC protects your money

7. Bankrate’s resources

Criteria used in surveys

How safe is your bank?

8. Chapter 8: Investing in metals

The lowdown on buying selling silver

How to invest in precious metals

Gold rush: Investors play it safe

The pros and cons of investing in gold

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