How to Clinton-proof your portfolio

Alex Wong/GettyImagesIf Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wins the election, it will be an opportunity to consider rearranging your investment portfolio.(Note that we have an accompanying story on doing the same if the winner is her Republican opponent, Donald Trump.)Clinton has been fairly specific about where she stands on some money and business issues. Based on information from her campaign website, we outline areas in which her position on financial matters could impact certain industries — and stock sectors.“There are some fairly clear social objectives that Hillary Clinton has put forth that could help the markets,” says Chuck Fulkerson, director of education at Online Trading Academy, a stock investing and trading educational program.Should the former first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state win in November, you can Clinton-proof your investment portfolio with some of these stocks. RATE SEARCH: Even if yours isn’t a huge salary, you might want to put some money in certificates of deposit. You’ll find great CD rates today at

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